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What Clients Say About Named At Last

Product Names and Company Names

"Before I hired Named At Last, I was very frustrated. I knew I needed a quality name that matched the quality work of our business but wasn't getting anywhere, even though I was spending a lot of time brainstorming. I was too close to my business, and it was challenging to take an objective view in a
name that made sense to 'outsiders.'
Now, more than two years later, I'm as happy with what Named At Last came up with as when we first got it." - Ben Lam, CEO, Full Web Leverage

"Thank you, Marcia, for a fast and effective solution to my naming dilemma. 
I have tried without success to name my new medical billing/accounting business for a long time. What a joy it was dealing with you! Not only is my company name unique, it also indicates a solution to the problem my target market is experiencing. Best of all, the naming process only took a week. I have had nothing but positive feedback on our new name." - Phillip de Wet, CEO, Healthy Numbers, South Africa

"After trying for months to name our new wrist-protecting fitness glove, we seemed to be going around in circles with no good name in sight.  I'm so glad we turned to Named At Last.  Marcia's naming storks and Marcia's professional guidance have saved us time and given us peace of mind.  Thank goodness we can now proceed with our product launch for Wrist Assured!" - Paula S. Wilbert, OTR/L, Joint Protection Products, LLC

"I worked with Marcia Yudkin to select a name for my new company and found
her to be very knowledgeable, thorough and professional. She was a delight
to work with and made the name selection process easy. She was careful to
choose names that were not being used by other businesses in the area. When an issue arose with my first name choice, Marcia worked with me to resolve
it quickly to my satisfaction.  I highly recommend the use of her naming service." - Paula Ricks, KeyTrust Properties Paula Ricks LLC, Realtor and Broker 

"We were really stuck in the mud trying to find a name that would stand out 
but, at the same time, be recognizable and credible. It also needed to have 
an available URL and be free of trademark restrictions. Named At Last met 
the challenge. When I read the list of names, I could not help but smile. Her team clearly understood what I was looking for and went well beyond anything I could have done on my own. I can say without a doubt that of all the investments that I have made in my startup to date, this one will yield the greatest return!" - John Bevacqua, Hartsdale, NY

"Marcia, many thanks for your consultation on renaming my company. I am thrilled that we came to a final decision in just 30 minutes! That's what happens when you work with people who know what they're doing." - Janine Willis, President, Good to Go Home Packing, Memphis, TN

Tag Lines

"The new tag line works wonders for my real estate company and will be worth millions in equity created over the life of the business. From the first email, I could tell that I was dealing with a professional who has a gift with words. Thank you, Marcia, for also talking me through the reasons why one name was much better than the one I initially wanted to pick. Your reasoning made sense to me and made my name and tag line selection fun, exciting and rewarding. I am thrilled that I found Named At Last." - Anna Zillow, Great Falls, VA

"The taglines I came up with myself were all too long, too boring or too narrow, and they failed to capture the essence of the results I deliver for my training, speaking and coaching clients. I now have a tagline that's crisp, memorable and evocative: 'Confidence. Influence. Success.' Thanks, Marcia, for helping me solve the core struggle in my marketing and branding!" - Gilda Bonanno, Stamford, CT

"As an executive in the management consulting business, I was having trouble coming up with an effective tagline for my personal branding campaign. Most of my taglines were too long and didn't capture my brand succinctly. In short order, Named At Last came up with a great tagline that had rhythm, was memorable, and most importantly communicated my brand perfectly. If you are struggling to create a tagline, I highly recommend Named at Last!" - W.M. Brooks, Indianapolis, IN

"I struggled for years to put into words what separates me from the legions of other lawyers.  Marcia and her team asked me questions about what matters most to my clients.  The resulting tag line crisply captures the essence of what I offer: 'Big firm expertise, small firm accessibility.'  I wish I'd gotten Marcia's help on this ages ago!" -  Jean Sifleet, Business Attorney,

"Marcia, thanks for coming up with the slogan for our dog training business: 'In just a few weeks, your dog becomes a good family member!'  It's around eight years that we've been using this slogan now in brochures and at our web site.  It really sums up what we do in such a way that our customers easily 'get it.'" - Marti McCann, McCann Professional Dog Trainers,

Book Titles

"Marcia Yudkin and her team of namers came up with titles that perfectly fit the message and appeal of my book. They took the time to read and digest my manuscript, and then as scheduled - nailed it. I strongly recommend that you stop grinding over the ideal name for your company, product, book, or whatever, and leave it to caring professionals. Named at Last is the 'final' answer." - Garret Kramer, Author of Stillpower: The Inner Source of Athletic Excellence, and the founder of Inner Sports, LLC

About Company Founder Marcia Yudkin

"Marcia Yudkin is a marketer whose intelligence, critical reasoning skills and creativity set her apart from the crowd." - Peter Schaible, Director, Subscription Website Publishers Association (SWEPA)

"There are few genuine thought leaders in copywriting. Marcia Yudkin is one of them. She is also refreshingly unpretentious." - Steve Slaunwhite, Author, Start & Run a Copywriting Business, Co-Author, The Wealthy Freelancer

"Marcia Yudkin is one of the very few hype-free and totally trustworthy sources of information out there." - Nick Usborne, Publisher, Excess Voice

"Every time I talk to Marcia Yudkin, I make more money. Her insights and ideas are both practical and creative. And she's not afraid to hold my feet to the fire to challenge my own perceptions of my business. Whether you've been in business one year or twenty, Marcia provides great value and quantifiable results." - Caroline Jordan, Owner, The Jordan Result, Bridgton, ME

"For more than four years I depended on Marcia Yudkin whenever my company was shifting focus to help me find the words to explain what we were up to and to make that appeal to potential clients. She's the only person I trust to help me rebrand my message and, from where I sit, the best wordsmith on the planet." 
- Jim Jenkins, President and Chief Inspiration Officer, Creative Visions Consulting

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