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Get a Great Name At Last for Your Company, 
Nonprofit, Product or Service

Or a Tag Line That Sums Up What's Unique and Appealing About You 

 Regular Delivery

  $997 for 10 on-target names or tag lines

 SuperStork Delivery

  $1,597 for 25 magnificent names or tag lines
  For either option, delivery takes one week or less.

Before you order, let's get clear on what delivery includes.  You get 10 (Regular option) or 25 (SuperStork option) names or tag lines that Head Stork Marcia Yudkin culls from a much larger gaggle of candidates produced by our team of professional namers.  The 10 or 25 names or tag lines are significantly different, not mere grammatical variations of one another.  

"The new tag line works wonders for my real estate company and will be worth millions in equity created over the life of the business. From the first email, I could tell that I was dealing with a professional who has a gift with words. Thank you, Marcia, for talking me through the reasons why one name was much better than the one I initially wanted to pick. Your reasoning made sense to me and made my name selection fun, exciting and rewarding. I am thrilled that I found Named At Last." - Anna Zillow, Great Falls, VA

"Before I hired Named At Last, I was very frustrated. I knew I needed a quality name that matched the quality work of our business but wasn't getting anywhere, even though I was spending a lot of time brainstorming. I was too close to my business, and it was challenging to take an objective view in a name that made sense to 'outsiders.' Now, more than two years later, I'm as happy with what Named At Last came up with as when we first 
got it." - Ben Lam, CEO, Full Web Leverage

It's up to you to research whether or not the names or tag lines are legally available for your intended usage.  We can refer you to experts and companies that can help you with a competitor check and with securing a trademark.  Our service does not include warranties about the names we brainstorm for you.

Be sure you provide one or more phone numbers where we can reach you during your business hours.  We generally call clients for at least a brief conversation to be sure we understand your naming situation.  Occasionally this conversation needs to be quite extensive.

The Named At Last Double Guarantee

First, we guarantee that every name on the list we give you fits the criteria you provide us with.

Second, we want our work for you to lead to success!  So if your trademark search shows that the name or tag line that you like the most from among those we suggested is already legally taken, simply show us the trademark search results.  We'll then go back to the drawing board and generate another 10 names for you, free of charge.  

Likewise, if you opt for the Regular Delivery option and don't like any of our top 10 name candidates well enough, we'll do another round of brainstorming for you and deliver 15 more names for an additional $600.  Your total cost would then be $1,597, as if you had ordered the SuperStork Delivery option from the beginning.

Please note that because choosing a business name involves personal taste as well as the criteria you give us, many of our clients prefer to have 25 name options from which to choose.

"Thank you, Marcia, for a fast and effective solution to my naming dilemma. I have tried without success to name my new medical billing/accounting business for a long time. What a joy it was dealing with you! Not only is my company name unique, it also indicates a solution to the problem my target market is experiencing. Best of all, the naming process only took a week. I have had nothing but positive feedback on our new name." - Phillip de Wet, CEO, Healthy Numbers, South Africa

"Marcia, thanks for coming up with the slogan for our dog training
business: 'In just a few weeks, your dog becomes a good family
member!'  It's around eight years that we've been using this slogan now in brochures and at our web site.  It really sums up what we do in such a way that our customers easily 'get it.'" - Marti McCann, McCann Professional Dog Trainers,

Questions?  If your concern isn't addressed on our Frequently Asked Questions page, we'll be happy to answer your questions by phone (1-413-582-4052 or Toll-free 1-800-333-8376) or by email (  We're in the Eastern time zone.

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