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Give Your Product or Company Pizzazz Power!
Rose, Rosebuzz, Rosenoser, BloomMoon:
World's First Affordable Name-It! Seminar

Need a name for a company or product?  Want to understand how to help friends, neighbors, non-profits and clients think up on-target names and tag lines?

You're invited to join a unique teleseminar course that teaches the art of generating powerful business names, product names and tag lines.

On four consecutive Wednesdays, beginning June 4, 2014, I'm offering a telephone-based course called "Rose, Rosebuzz, Rosenoser, BloomMoon: The Catchy Names and Tag Lines Class."  

All you need to participate is a naming project, willingness to join in on the fun, and a telephone.

Because it's highly interactive, it's limited to just six participants.

What You Learn in the Seminar

During four lively conference-call class sessions, you receive instructions on a proven four-step process for creating effective business names and tag lines.  In addition, we cooperate step by step on naming and creating a tag line for your naming project.  As a group, we'll do the same for a (made-up) company catering to flower fanatics.  You should bring a genuine naming project with its real-world constraints and conditions to this course.  This could be your own naming project, or that of a relative, friend or client.  

If you're taking the course to learn how to become a world-class namer and don't have a specific naming project of your own in mind, please find someone else's naming project to adopt for the course.

During the course, you:

  • Learn what you must do before brainstorming a single idea - and why

  • Take a quiz that familiarizes you with types of names and helps you zero in on the ones you like the best

  • Discover at least 10 fun, productive ways to brainstorm, and practice with others' naming challenges as well as your own

  • Hear a multitude of reasons for screening out potential names that most people don't think about ahead of time

"By shedding light on the fundamentals of naming, this course fully met my expectations. I now appreciate the vital importance of defining what you're looking for in a name. Case in point: During the first class, I jotted down some ideas for another participant's business. In the third session, I discovered I was way off base, so that my initial ideas were useless. The course brought out the importance of sounds, and I now think about the pronunciation as well as the spelling of words. Taking this course would be a wise move for anyone in business, so that their name serves as a strategic connection to their target market and provides an edge over their competition." - Al Medrano, Simpsonville, SC

  • Experience the process of vetting favorite name candidates and eliminating possibilities that don't make the grade 

  • Set - and meet - the conditions for your own naming project

  • Find out how to snag available domains even though many people claim "all the good ones are taken"

  • Learn guidelines for what a tag line (motto or slogan) needs to accomplish

  • Practice tweaking okay tag lines into snappier, more exciting ones

  • Receive handouts full of tips, resources, examples and reminders

  • Tackle productive homework assignments that move your naming project through the steps to completion

At the end of the course, if you're not yet feeling confident you've selected a terrific name and tag line for your project, you get up to an hour of one-on-one time with me (Marcia Yudkin, head of Named At Last) by email or by phone, so you end up with a final selection of a name and tag line. 

After the course concludes, you receive all the class sessions as a set of CDs, as well as a printed, bound set of all the handouts.  This enables you to conveniently repeat the steps in the course afterwards, as many times as needed, whenever you have another naming challenge.

Listen to a Sample Class Discussion

To experience the level of discussion in the course, download a 12-minute segment in which participants in a previous class discuss the relative merits of five proposed tag lines for a one-man painting and restoration company. 


When Is It and How Much?

The class meets via conference call for approximately an hour and a quarter at 2 p.m. Eastern time on Wednesdays, June 4, 11, 18 and 25. (That's 11 a.m. Pacific time, 7 p.m. London time.) 

When I went looking for companies offering seminars or home-study courses on naming, I found two, each charging $7,500 and each providing the training only as an in-house corporate workshop.  Below that price point, I found only two one-time presentations no longer offered.

Including the four class sessions, the CDs and handouts, and my personal help finalizing your name and tag line at the end if you need that, the course costs $797.  This is less than half of what Named At Last charges for a name and tag line combination - and a fraction of what it costs for a name and tag line from most other naming companies.

"The brainstorming roadmap in Marcia Yudkin's naming course gave me a fast, fruitful way to pump out meaningful words, images, phrases, and concepts to work with. She gave us a way to generate groups of words, using triggers to prompt ideas and spark our thinking. My worries about the best options being already 'taken' as domain names vanished quickly. The process was so productive I came out with several names to choose from, all of which were available for domains. And with this method, I see no problem about creating more if I needed to.

"I also learned why it's misguided to ask friends or 'people on the internet' to come up with names, like in a popularity contest. I have more confidence in the names I'm coming up with now because they're related to the kind of customers I want to attract. It took only four class sessions to debunk 
naming myths, clarify my goals, and come up with good names - as well as a 
targeted tagline, a paragraph of strong marketing copy and a process I can 
use over again, any time I want to." - Joanne Masterson, Alexandria, VA

Your Double Guarantee

To ensure that the class is an amazingly valuable experience for everyone in it, here's your outrageous double guarantee.  

First, if our first class session doesn't meet your expectations - if you're disappointed for any reason - simply send me an email when the June 4 class session ends, and I will drop you from the course with a refund of your entire fee.  

Second, if you've attended all the class sessions and completed the homework, I guarantee that you end up with at least one name and tag line combination that fully meets your specifications. 

This means that if you participate seriously in the class, you can expect to end up with a terrific new name and tag line for your business at a cut-rate cost, along with knowing how to repeat the process whenever you need to.

This Seminar Isn't for Everyone

Although the course delivers solid knowledge and support, it's NOT right for you if any of the following applies:

  • You require confidentiality.  Although registrants participate with first names only, the seminar will be recorded, and portions of it may be used for a home-study version of the course.  Our regular naming service is completely hush-hush and your best option if secrecy is crucial.

  • You're in a big rush.  In the seminar, you're part of a four-week process beginning June 4 and ending June 25.  If that timing doesn't fit your situation, sign up for our regular naming service instead.

  • You can't make the class sessions.  (See the dates and times above.)  As long as you can make at least three out of the four scheduled sessions and catch up with the fourth by listening to the replay at your leisure, you'll be able to keep pace with the process.  Otherwise, you may be interested in the home-study version of the naming course.

How to Reserve Your Place

Since I'm limiting this course to six people, if you're interested, sign up now with a $100 deposit.  (The shopping cart will inform you if the registration limit has already been reached.)  The remaining tuition of $697 is due no later than May 20.  Your deposit is refundable through May 20.

After you register, you'll see a page containing a few questions.  Please send me the answers to those questions within one business day, so I have a good sense of who is signed up for the seminar.  Thank you.


Thank you, and I look forward to having you in the course!

Prefer a live presentation teaching your team better brainstorming and name selection?  Just ask.   

Marcia Yudkin, "Head Stork" of Named At Last

P.S. If you guessed that the title of this seminar relates to Shakespeare's famous line that "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet," you have a head start as a successful namer!