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Named At Last in the News

New Discount Naming Service Offers World-Class 
Brainstorming for Companies and Entrepreneurs Seeking 
New Business Names, New Product Names or Tag Lines on a Budget

For entrepreneurs and companies on a budget, has launched a discount naming service, providing creative naming services starting at just $997 for names delivered in one week or less.

Goshen, MA – Until now, companies seeking professional naming of their new business, new product or new service have faced a dilemma. Spend tens of thousands of dollars hiring a firm that specializes in naming and branding and wait a month or more for the perfect name to emerge from a long series of meetings, or struggle through the naming process on their own. 

To meet the need of entrepreneurs and existing organizations for strikingly appropriate yet affordable names, ( has launched a discount naming service, providing creative naming services starting at just $997 for names delivered in one week or less.

"As a creative marketing consultant, I’d often been asked for a referral to naming specialists, but those services were usually priced way out of bootstrappers’ budgets," says Marcia Yudkin, Ph.D., author of 11 books on marketing and effective business communication and the brains behind the new discount naming service. 

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"Our service is perfect for someone who wants an attention-getting name around which they can build an appealing logo and marketing campaign. We also expect to be naming products and services or generating tag lines for overburdened ad agencies."

To keep naming fees down, has unbundled the creative brainstorming of inspired names from the clearing of names for legal use and registering trademarks for names. Clients receive 10 great names culled from a larger pool of name candidates thought up by freelance "namers." Prices start at just $997 for imaginative tag lines, as well – the one-line advertising slogans that often follow a company or product name.

For generating names, uses individuals from many walks of life who are talented at divergent thinking, rather than name-generating software programs. Its roster of freelance "namers" includes sales executives who enjoy the chance to flex their creativity, an associate dean of a graduate school, award-winning poets, a Shakespearean director, songwriters, copywriters, a former kindergarten teacher, a competitive Scrabble player, a business coach and serious students of classical languages and history.

For more information, including free naming tips, visit ( or call (413)582-4052.