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Domain Names and Toll-free Numbers: A Profitable Link

by Marcia Yudkin, Head Stork, Named At Last

A few months ago, I turned down a naming assignment from a company 
seeking a business name that would correlate with a domain and a 
toll-free number, both currently available. Impossible, I thought. 
Nope, it's actually very possible if you know how to go about it, says Bill Quimby, an expert on toll-free numbers. 

Download Quimby's free ebook on how and why to acquire a toll-free vanity telephone number.  (This link goes to a PDF file, so you may need to point your cursor on the link, right-click and then select "save as.")

Do a free search for available vanity phone numbers related to whatever keywords you supply.

Or call Bill Quimby directly at 1-800-MARKETER for information.  If you purchase, give him discount code 497239 to get a break on your order.

And while you're here, find out more about how to get a world-class company name, product name or tag line for a fraction of what other naming firms charge.

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