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Get Expert Guidance in Tackling Your Naming Challenge 
Give Your Product or Company Pizzazz Power

Need a splendidly appropriate name for a company, product or something else?  If so, you may qualify for a low-cost Name Assist home-study course that takes you step by step to a powerful business name and tag line.

In four lively, practical lessons, you follow a proven process to a name and tag line (that is, the slogan or motto that accompanies the name) that fits your company or product, appeals to your target market and accomplishes the tasks you hope it will.

Most of the course you follow on your own, whenever it's convenient for you to do so, with personal feedback on four key assignments.  In addition, as you're following the steps and you run out of ideas or feel uncertain about the best naming directions to pursue, master namer Marcia Yudkin is available by email to provide assistance, point out avenues and options you have not explored, serve as a sounding board while you weigh options and answer your questions.

With a Powerful New Name, My Business is Primed for Success
"Taking this course will definitely help your business stand out from the crowd. It was well structured with the right questions to ask yourself about your business and what you want to achieve. Marcia encouraged me to visualize the role my company would play in its customer's business. The brainstorming exercises opened a creative side of me that I did not think I have, and I was excited to end up with a company name that sends a message of great potential to my prospective and existing clients." - Judit Rea, Managing Director, Bright Bridge Unlimited: Your Business Development Infrastructure. New Clients Ahead

As long as you perform the brainstorming and other specific steps described in the course, Marcia gives you any additional help you need.  After Lesson 4, you are guaranteed to have a name and tag line that satisfy the criteria for your to-be-named company or product.

As you may know, most naming consultants charge thousands - or tens of thousands of dollars - to come up with a great name and tag line for a client.  Named At Last normally charges $997 and up for either a name or a tag line.  The Name Assist home-study program costs just $497.

Finally, A Way to Find What I'd Been Searching For
"I had tried for years to create a punchier tag line for my business, without success. Marcia's feedback in this course, which went beyond what I expected, was crucial in helping me generate, select and tweak a tag line that fit my needs. And as a bonus, the brainstorming I did for the second assignment brought up lots of phrases I can use for articles, blog posts, etc. I'm glad I took the course!" - Audrey Owen, Owner, Writer's Helper: Soft on Writers, Tough on Text

The Name Assist course gives you a detailed (but not overwhelming), easy-to-follow written manual, supplemented by five short downloadable recordings that illustrate key procedures for selecting a name or tag line.  After each lesson, you submit an assignment to Marcia Yudkin that enables her to determine (and tell you) whether or not you are on track.  

Marcia also answers your questions, helps when you get stuck, turns you away from naming pitfalls and provides expert guidance when you need it.

I'm So Jazzed About My New Branding!  Thanks, Name Assist Course... 
"If you need to rebrand your business, Marcia Yudkin will help you pull your 
entire vision together to create a brand that both you and your target 
market will love! Marcia really helps you think outside of the box, and 
having an objective point of view throughout the naming process with her 
perceptive feedback was the key to pulling it all together. I know I'll 
never look at branding the same again. The Name Assist course is quite complete and enabled me to arrive at a creative new company name and tag line in just one week." - Anna Marie Martin, Owner, Business at Heart: Your goals become my passion.

Answers to Questions About Name Assist

I've already racked my brains for months for a great name, without success.  Why should I believe this course would help?
The Name Assist course explains common mistakes and misdirections in naming attempts, including one crucial step that untrained namers often skip or perform at the wrong time.  It also provides dozens of resources and methods for coming up with ideas and narrowing your list to the best options.

You'll no longer be flying blind.  You'll no longer be alone when you feel stuck.  You will not need to wonder whether your favorite name choice is a smart one.

How is Marcia Yudkin qualified to help me think up and choose a great name?
Read Marcia's bio here and testimonials about her naming service here.  Since 2005, she has helped dozens of companies and individuals name companies and products ranging from professional services to heavy industrial equipment, from retail shops or cafes to specialized consumer items.

The Name Assist Course Offered Exactly the Help I Needed
"I was struggling trying to find a good name for my new business and knew I needed help. The course manual was clearly written, easy to follow, full of suggestions and fun to use. The audio tracks were also helpful for understanding the process. Marcia's feedback kept me focused and on track with my objectives and naming criteria. As an unexpected bonus, I became much more clear about the kind of name I wanted and exactly how I wanted to structure the website/business. 

"If you're on the fence about the program, just sign up. Working through the process is beneficial in many ways beyond naming or taglines, and Marcia isn't going to let you fail." - Linda Popovich, Travel Photography Learning Lab

Is the $497 program tuition refundable?
No.  Please sign up for the program only if you genuinely need a name.  Follow the steps in the course, get Marcia's help and you end up with both a name and tag line that match your needs - guaranteed.  

How to Apply for the Course

Please send Marcia Yudkin a confidential email answering these three questions:

  1. What is it you need a name for?

  2. How many people need to agree on the name you ultimately select?

  3. By what deadline do you need to decide on your name? 

If your answers indicate you're a good candidate for this program, Marcia will send you the link to sign up.

Thank you for your interest.