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Frequently Asked Questions 
About Named At Last Services



How are you different from the high-priced naming consultants?
We specialize in the most difficult step in the process of creating a new name:  coming up with out-of-left-field names that customers love.  If you need comprehensive, one-stop, global branding and trademark services, we may not be right for you.  

We don't have a huge databank of made-up words pre-cleared for trademarkability, as some large naming firms do.  Your assignment prompts totally fresh brainstorming with no recycling of discards from other clients.  We use creative mind-power rather than software to generate names.

Instead of giving you the kinds of names we think you ought to have, you get a name that fits your preferences.  For instance, of our first two naming clients, one mentioned Verizon as the kind of name it liked, and the other mentioned Verizon as disliked.  We rose to the occasion both times. 

You get faster service with Named At Last, too - one week, versus four to six weeks for most naming companies.

Most importantly, with us you get the same sensitivity to what works and what doesn't in a name or tag line as with the expensive firms.  We know linguistics and positioning, and we know how to winnow the first-rate candidates from the losers.  When you follow up our services by clearing your favorite name or tag line legally, you enjoy results that are comparable to what you'd get by spending tens of thousands of dollars more.

Why can you generate better names than we can, in-house?
Chances are, you couldn't ever assemble the kind of wide-ranging naming teams that we do.  

We have namers who are fanatical collectors of word components;  artists who think in pictures and can translate what they envision into language;  devoted puzzlers, rhymers and punsters;  poets and singers who are exquisitely attuned to the emotions packed into vowel and consonant combinations;  young adults who have a finger on the pulse of popular culture;  and academics who are masters of history, philosophy, classics, languages or science.

Then after our all-star naming teams do their work, we examine all the candidates with objectivity that you probably don't have.  Sometimes selecting the best names comes down to a knack that expert marketers like our Head Stork Marcia Yudkin have and others don't. 

What kind of information do you need about our business to come up with a terrific name or tag line?
Immediately after you submit your order, you receive a questionnaire that asks things according to whether you're looking for a name or tag line for a new or existing business, including competitor names you like and don't like;  personality traits appropriate and not appropriate for your venture;  and so on.  We also tell you how to submit supplementary information that might be helpful to us, like pictures of your new product.

Having more information than we may need is fine.  We'll get in touch if what you've given us is not enough.  Generally we get in touch anyway to talk through the project with you before handing details along to our namers.  It's essential for us to have a good understanding of the kinds of name or tag lines you most like, so that you get options that are in the right ball park for you.

Have you ever named a rock band, a psychiatric syndrome, a villain in a novel, or a subatomic particle?  And can you generate names that will work in Russia, South Africa, Brazil, or...?
We love a challenge!  Our namers include people who hail from many different parts of the world and who have diverse professions and personal interests.  At the same time, we'll let you know if your naming project requires expertise or resources that we can't muster.  

We've Created Names in...

Alternative Energy

Auto Parts


Book Titles

Business Consulting

Casual Restaurant



Financial Planning

Gourmet Foods


Industrial Supplies

Information Technology



Legal Services


Natural Medicine

Pest Control

Pet Services

Publishing Firms

Rail Transportation

Real Estate


Social Change

Software Services

Training & Recruitment

What if we don't like the names or tag lines you come up with for us?
Naturally, you need to like the name or tag line you end up choosing.  We're less expensive than other naming companies because we promise just name or tag line candidates that fit your criteria, rather than one you fall madly in love with.  We do guarantee that the brainstorming results we provide match the criteria you gave us.  And if you opt for the Regular Delivery option and don't like any of our top 10 name candidates well enough, you can request another round of brainstorming - 15 more names for an additional $600, adding up to the same total price as for the SuperStork Delivery option.

Confidentiality is a huge concern for us.  Would you and your namers sign a non-disclosure agreement?
Secrecy is in our blood!  That's one reason we don't divulge the identities of our namers.  We never, never discuss information from our naming assignments with anyone outside Named At Last unless a client gives us permission to do so.  All of our namers adhere to this principle as well.  We're more than happy to fill out and sign for your project the standard non-disclosure agreement that our attorneys have approved.  Call or email us to set up the logistics for this. 

May we pay by check or purchase order?
By check, yes.  Send your check to Creative Ways, P.O. Box 305, Goshen, MA 01032 and be sure to include your telephone number, email address and the service you are paying for. 
If you are a nonprofit educational institution or a government entity, you may pay with a purchase order.  Please fax it to us at 1-413-280-0996.  As soon as we receive your check or purchase order, we'll contact you to get the rest of the information we need for your naming project.

Do you have a discount if we need a bunch of new product names at one time?
Sometimes yes, if we are naming a set of products for the same organization at the same time.  Let us know what you need, and we'll let you know if we can offer a special deal.

How about a discount for nonprofit organizations?
Once a year, we plan to have a contest to name a nonprofit organization.  The group chosen for the contest pays only the $100 prize fee.  To volunteer for this contest, please email us.

What if we need something faster than a week?
If all the planets are aligned correctly, we can finish a naming project in as little as four calendar days.  Call us at 1-413-582-4052 if you're in a rush.  

Do you offer any services besides naming and creating tag lines?
Head Stork Marcia Yudkin offers consulting on and implementation of marketing and publicity strategy, including whether or not it's time to change your organization's identity, how to do so with the least impact on customers and the creation of marketing plans and marketing materials for a new or retargeted company. Details here.

How do we get started?
Fill out the order form, and we'll have your company, product, service, book or other venture Named At Last in just one week!