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Commentaries on Business Names and the
Business of Words

by Marcia Yudkin, Head Stork, Named At Last

Most of these articles originally appeared in the Name Tales newsletter.  Subscribe via the box in the upper left corner of any page on this site.

Click on whichever commentary interests you, or start at the beginning and click the "next" link at the end of each page instead of returning here.

Naming for the Ear

Naming Domains for the Eye

Word Watch: Does the Alphabet Have a Soul?

From History: Branding, A 9,000+ Year-Old Human Impulse

Protecting Your Brand: Lessons From Vermont

What About Acronyms in Naming? Avoid the FUBAR Route

Word Watch: Connotations Can Kill Interest

In Business Naming, You Are Not Your Market

What You Can Learn About Business Naming From Newspaper Headlines

Geographical Cachet in Product Names and Company Names

For Word of Mouth Business, A Company Name Must Be Sayable

Rename Your Product, Company or Brand

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Avoid Rush Service: Company Naming Takes Time

Business Naming Lessons From Geographical Rules

Brainstorming Games for Generating Business Names

Company Names You Should Laugh Out of the Running

Where, Oh Where Can Those Tag Lines Be?

The Mystique of Numbers in Company Names

How Customers Think about Business Names: Lessons From a Survey

In Naming, Simpler and Clearer May Be Better

Avoiding Disreputable Connotations in Your New Product Name

Naming Criteria: Try Using a Scorecard for Your Naming Project

Brainstorming Aids: Creative Product Naming Prompts

Business Naming Needs Human Thinking

Naming a Local Business

Naming With a Story

Online Naming Courses

Renaming Your Business

Terrific Tag Lines & Sensational Slogans - Coming soon

Brainstorming a Better Book Title