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Become a Professional Namer

A professional namer is someone who gets paid to brainstorm memorable name possibilities for a company or organization.  It's a fun, fulfilling way to make extra money.  

Such a person has out-of-the-ordinary creativity, a love for words, deep cultural knowledge and an understanding of what makes for an appealing business image.  You could be 17, 47 or 77.  You could have outstanding "street smarts" or a Ph.D. in classics.  Talent is as important as knowledge!  

If this describes you, apply to become a professional namer... by entering our current contest.  

All you need to do is check the "yes" box on your entry form where it asks if you'd like to be considered as a professional namer.  We'll pay special attention to your entries in that case and contact you if we think you might have potential thinking up names and tag lines for our clients.

If you pass our initial screening, we'll send you some questions and let you know how we work with our team of namers.  If you're still interested, we'll stay on the lookout for an assignment that seems especially suited to your experience and interests, and try you out with a paid assignment.  You'll need to sign a confidentiality agreement before we share client information with you.

Joining our team of freelance namers might be perfect for you if you intend to moonlight from a regular job, are retired, in graduate school or looking for a change of pace from your regular line of business.  

Please do apply by entering our contest!  We look forward to working with you in a spirit of mutual enrichment and fun.